Terms and Conditions


Article 1: Introduction

These conditions are concluded between, on the one hand, L'Atelier Créateur and, secondly, those wishing to make a purchase via the website (www.latelier-createur.be) below referred to as "user". These conditions apply exclusively to non -commercial individuals. The parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by this contract, excluding any conditions previously available on the site. If a condition is found to be lacking, it would be governed by the procedures in force in the remote sales sector whose companies have headquarters in Belgium. L’Atelier Créateur undertakes to respect all provisions of the Code of distance selling -related consumption.


Article 2 : Application

These general conditions apply to all sales of products presented on the www.latelier-createur.be site or any other site using the same sales interface. Any order placed with www.latelier-createur.be therefore entails the unconditional acceptance of these conditions. Only the buyer can claim hereof, including provisions relating to the guarantee. These general conditions can be modified at any time without notice by L’Atelier Créateur, the changes are applicable only to orders placed after the date of implementation. These general conditions of sale are permanently accessible via the website www.latelier-createur.be in computer formats for printing, so that the consumer can reproduce them.


Article 3 : Products

3.1 : Price – Shipping

Prices are in euros including all taxes and excluding postage costs. They are subject to tax on the Belgian added value, and any change to the rate of this tax will not affect the prices of the products presented on the site www.latelier-createur.be the date stipulated by the legislation or applicable regulatory . The final selling price to the individual will remain the same everywhere. Prices are subject to change at any time, particularly because of an introductory offer, promotions or sales. Participation in shipping is indicated before the validation of the order. Shipping costs are not reimbursed, regardless of the situation. Participation in shipping may be fully or partially supported by L’Atelier Créateur ad hoc basis.

3.2 : Availability

The products offered by L'Atelier Créateur are limited in the stock. The periods of availability mentioned in the description of the products are indicative and depend in particular on own deadlines suppliers and / or manufacturers. In these circumstances, the definitive unavailability or the possible postponement of the availability of time does not in any way engage the responsibility of L’Atelier Créateur, nor doesn’t open any right to compensation or damages for consumer . In case of temporary unavailability of a product, L’Atelier Créateur will inform the consumer of the new deadlines practiced by suppliers and / or manufacturers of the product concerned without delay. If this unavailability is prolonged excessively, L'Atelier Créateur will try to offer the consumer an equivalent product.


3.3 Compliance

The products offered for sale by L’Atelier Créateur meets applicable standards in Belgium. Items such as including photographs, text, graphics and all the information and characteristics illustrating and / or accompanying the products are not contractual. Consequently, L'Atelier Créateur does not incur any liability for error or omission of any of these items or if modification of the said elements by suppliers and / or manufacturers. The consumer is the sole judge of the compatibility of products ordered with right hardware and already possess.


Article 4: Conclusion of Contract

In all cases, the sales contract is deemed concluded at the time of the consumer's account debit cards for payment or the date of receipt of the transfer in case of bank transfer.

4.1 : Order

The products on sale are presented on the website and www.latelier-createur.be with a description. The chosen product is added to the shopping cart already contains, if appropriate, other items for which the consumer wishes to purchase and previously placed by himself in his shopping cart. Where the consumer intends to finalize the order, he can click on the "order" button that appears in the confirmation page. It is then directed to a page with a summary of all items to be included in its next command, and he has at this stage of the ability to remove certain articles contained in the shopping cart and consequently in the summary. It also has the option to cancel the procedure and return to his shopping cart without the order is validated. If the summary containing product prices and delivery charges as announced elsewhere on the website www.latelier-createur.be suit it, consumers can enter their delivery address and billing then choose a secure payment method. Once payment is validated by the consumer on the secure server, it has the ability to return or not on site www.latelier-createur.be. Once the payment is confirmed, L’Atelier Créateur sends the consumer a summary of the order by e-mail including details of items ordered, the total price TTC including the costs of delivery and the delivery envisaged.

4.2 Payment

Consumers must possess all the necessary authorizations for use of the payment method he chose during the validation of his order. It also undertakes to ensure its solvency before ordering, fault for L'Atelier Créateur can make delivery of products ordered. L’Atelier Créateur will also open the possibility to suspend or cancel any order or delivery in case of refusal of payment authorization issued by the financial institutions surveyed according to the mode of payment chosen by the consumer. Similarly, it allows for the possibility to refuse to consider an order or a delivery from an internet user with whom a dispute including the payment of a previous order. The consumer is also advised that L’Atelier Créateur can proceed with the analysis and / or verification of orders to fight against fraud, and within it reserves the right to request any evidence that the consumer it may think fit. It reserves at the end of this procedure the possibility to suspend or cancel any order or delivery, even if payment authorization issued by the relevant financial institutions, where the analysis and / or give these checks to think that the said order is placed in fraud of a third party. It can not also bear no liability for malfeasance or fraudulent use of any means of payment which would not have been detected by this process of analysis and / or verification.


Article 5: Delivery

5.1 : Informations

The products are delivered to the delivery address provided by the consumer when ordering online or offline. In case the delivery address is different from the billing address, it is for the consumer to provide two separate addresses in the order. It is likewise the consumer to provide any useful information on delivery at its command to enable the carriers to make the delivery. In case of incorrect or incomplete information that led to the inability of the carrier to make delivery, a second delivery will be made after returning the goods by the carrier to L’Atelier Créateur, this in return for prior payment of the amount of new shipping by the consumer.

5.2: Delay – Loss

Each delivery company undertakes on time delivery and is therefore solely responsible for their observation. In case of non-compliance with these deadlines, it is appropriate for the consumer to contact initially the delivery company concerned to verify that the products ordered are not the subject of a pending. In case of delay or difficulty to locate the ordered products, the consumer can contact L'Atelier Créateur and we will open an investigation to try to locate the package eventually lost by the carrier. The consumer must send an e-mail to info@latelier-createur.be and provide all relevant information which may enable it to attempt to locate the products ordered via the carrier and including the order. In such circumstances, L'Atelier Créateur is dependent on the deadlines imposed by the delivery company concerning the statement of loss and return of the shipment. These times may vary depending on the delivery company. Consumers can not be refund before the delivery company has declared lost, at the conclusion of its investigation, the products ordered. As soon as the declaration of loss made by the delivery company, L'Atelier Créateur will proceed to exchange or replace the item or discount vouchers to consumers.

5.3 : Time Limits

All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days upon receipt of payment. To this must be added the delivery time depends on the destination of the order.

5.4 Delivery time


2 to 4 business days


2 to 4 business days


2 to 4 business days


2 to 4 business days


2 to 4 business days


2 to 4 business days

Other countries in Europe

3 to 6 business days

Other countries in the world

6 to 10 business days


Article 6 : Exchanges and Refunds

The consumer has a period of 7 days from delivery to exchange the products from L’Atelier Créateur webshop. It is imperative to share beforehand of his intention to return the package to the info@latelier-createur.be email address. The delivered products must be returned to L'Atelier Créateur the consumer's expense and under his responsibility, provided that it proceed to the transportation insurance , in perfect condition for resale in their original packaging . Subject to compliance with the above provisions, L'Atelier Créateur will exchange the products ordered and listed on the order, excluding shipping costs , within 15 days of receipt of goods .

L’Atelier Créateur will not refund any product purchased on the site.


Article 7 : Returns

Transport risks are borne entirely by the sender, and it is therefore for it to carry out all procedures regarding the safe delivery, including through sending. Return costs are entirely borne by the sender, except if the return is motivated by an error of L'Atelier Créateur in the preparation of the order.


Article 8: Guarantees

In case of defective product the consumer will make his return to the conditions set out in Article 13 of these general conditions. The damage caused by misuse of the product or by an external cause can not give rise to a guarantee.

Article 9: Personal data

According to the law, users have a right to access and rectify their personal data. These data are provided only in order to proceed with the delivery of products ordered through the site. They are required for treatment of their control and verification which may be made to fight against fraud. If optional data should be collected, the consumer will be notified of this voluntary. The consumer is advised that the refusal to provide mandatory data has consequences for the inability to proceed with the delivery of the products they would like to order. It is also advised that as part of the information provided verification operations at its command, the data may be transferred to third parties for the sole purpose of verification. The consumer has the opportunity to object to any transfer to third parties of personal data, except the third parties responsible for the verification of mandatory data in the order, provided that this opposition may have the consequence of the impossibility treat his order.


Article 10: Force Majeure - Applicable law

The resulting reciprocal obligations of these terms and conditions may be suspended in the event of one or more fortuitous event of force majeure. Will be considered including such as those usually retained by the jurisprudence of courts and Belgian courts. The general conditions are subject to Belgian law regarding the substantive rules as the rules of form. Any dispute will be attempted prior settlement.

Article 11 : Copyright - Image Law

All elements of our website are protected by copyright and trademark law. They are the exclusive property of L’Atelier Créateur and may not be copied, reproduced or downloaded in whole or part without prior written permission of L’Atelier Créateur.

Any damage to the image of L’Atelier Créateur in any way leads to prosecution.


Article 12: Defective products

Product will be delivered undamaged in the quantities ordered and the product will conform to the latest published instructions as set out on the website or in our product description at the time of your order.

We strive to deliver products in excellent condition. However, if you tell us that the product is defective, you agree to keep the product in its current state so we can inspect it within a reasonable time.

To provide solutions for a defective product, we may need your help and a quick intake of some product information, including :

- Specifying valid details about how the product is supposed to be damaged or defective.


- The dispatch of delivery and other similar reports that we require.

We repair or replace the defective product if we find that the product :

- Has not been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, improper or inadequate attention, lack of care, damage or abnormal conditions ; or

- Was not the subject of accidents or damage caused by improper attempt to modify or repair ; or

- Has not found damaged by regular wear and tear.


After delivery we have made, we may at our sole discretion decide not to repair, replace the product and / or we may require a payment from you to cover all relevant shipping costs and service costs based on our fees, costs and expenses current standards, and to the extent permitted by law, we assume no liability for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, cost or expense arising therefrom.

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