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The key holder is a practical and essential accessory to avoid losing your keys or other objects.

L'Atelier Créateur's Key holders are original and offset in materials and colors. They also provide a decorative flair to your bags. The bling bling key holder, the key holder beads, key chain pen or leather will seduce you.

Often embellished with charms of all kinds, the key holder is also an accessory lucky, "gri gri" unavoidable, brought with you.

The key holder is also excellence in brand object : companies or large retailers wishing to improve their awareness of new products, appropriate it as an advertising medium.

Today, the key chain is a purely functional accessory, available in different themes, an indispensable object to retrieve his keys without difficulty.
Various designs and made by European creators of metal, resin, leather, recycled, but also created by us.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items