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L'Atelier Créateur also products offset cufflinks, qualities and recycled from old keys of typewriters or of PC keys.

Unique pieces and trends, what sort all folders or all costumes.

The cufflink, this menswear accessory, will give a trendy look to your shirts.

Cufflinks were often inspired by art movements to create new designs while using ever more sophisticated materials : wood, precious stones, mother of pearl. Today there are different types of cufflinks, these are particularly acclaimed in professional circles where fine dress is obligatory or at festive events such as marriage and social gatherings.

The cufflink, must-mode accessory, a subtle detail elegance to the businessman, the dandy or the hipster.

One of the few jewelry for men, available in all kinds of shapes, colors and materials.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items