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Earrings sleepers, dangling earrings, earrings drills or earrings on hooks : creators' earrings are all more beautiful than the other and expand upon our website by leaving a choice to perfect your outfit or put your face value.

Silver earrings, gold, wood, silver-plated, pearl, resin, plexiglass, you all go beautifully.

For a very long, earrings adorn women's ears today, the earring is the fashion item and pageantry.
Unique and original pieces of all shapes and all materials : recycled or modern, created by talented artists.

Cultured pearls, leather, silver or gold metal, resin, textile, some earrings are made by us in our workshops.

Discover our collections of earrings created by designers from all over Europe and sometimes beyond.

Showing 1 - 16 of 154 items