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L'Atelier offers necklaces carefully selected by us in different countries, unique necklaces made in original materials such as rubber, resin, plexiglass, leather, pearl, ceramics, metal, and more.

Contemporary necklace or classic, the necklace has always fascinated and appreciated. Necklaces of L'Atelier Créateur can be weared in every moment and bring a touch of refinement. Our necklaces are hypoallergenic and feminize your look, they follow today's trend.

Gold and silver are metals commonly used in necklaces ' fabrication. Timeless jewelry, necklaces are customized by designers from worldwide. Our website is full of talented designers making a necklace full art object and coveted. Designer's necklace, a unique jewel that you will only wear.

Showing 1 - 16 of 65 items